Monte Carlo Tree Search on Directed Acyclic Graphs for Object Pose Verification

  • Dominik BauerEmail author
  • Timothy Patten
  • Markus Vincze
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11754)


Reliable object pose estimation is an integral part of robotic vision systems as it enables robots to manipulate their surroundings. Powerful methods exist that estimate object poses from RGB and RGB-D images, yielding a set of hypotheses per object. However, determining the best hypotheses from the set of possible combinations is a challenging task. We apply MCTS to this problem to find an optimal solution in limited time and propose to share information between equivalent object combinations that emerge during the tree search, so-called transpositions. Thereby, the number of combinations that need to be considered is reduced and the search gathers information on these transpositions in a single statistic. We evaluate the resulting verification method on the YCB-VIDEO dataset and show more reliable detection of the best solution as compared to state of the art. In addition, we report a significant speed-up compared to previous MCTS-based methods for object pose verification.


Hypotheses verification Object pose estimation Monte Carlo Tree Search Analysis-by-synthesis 


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