Star2vec: From Subspace Embedding to Whole-Space Embedding for Intelligent Recommendation System (Extended Abstract)

  • Quang NguyenEmail author
  • Vu Nguyen
  • Doi Tran
  • Trung Mai
  • Tho QuanEmail author
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Recommendation systems are powerful tools that can alleviate system overload problems by recommending the most relevant items (contents) to users. Recommendation systems allow users to find useful, interesting items from a significantly large space and also enhance the user’s browsing experience. Relevant items are determined by predicting user’s ratings on different items. Two traditional techniques used in recommendation system are Content-Based filtering and Collaborative-Filtering. Content-Based filtering uses content of the items that the user has involved in the past to discover items that the user might be interested in. On the other hands, Collaborative-Filtering determine the similarity between users and recommends items chosen by similar users


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