Isabelle/SACM: Computer-Assisted Assurance Cases with Integrated Formal Methods

  • Yakoub Nemouchi
  • Simon FosterEmail author
  • Mario Gleirscher
  • Tim Kelly
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11918)


Assurance cases (ACs) are often required to certify critical systems. The use of integrated formal methods (FMs) in assurance can improve automation, increase confidence, and overcome errant reasoning. However, ACs can rarely be fully formalised, as the use of FMs is contingent on models that are validated by informal processes. Consequently, assurance techniques should support both formal and informal artifacts, with explicated inferential links between them. In this paper, we contribute a formal machine-checked interactive language for the computer-assisted construction of ACs called Isabelle/SACM. The framework guarantees well-formedness, consistency, and traceability of ACs, and allows a tight integration of formal and informal evidence of various provenance. To validate Isabelle/SACM, we present a novel formalisation of the Tokeneer benchmark, verify its security requirements, and form a mechanised AC that combines the resulting formal and informal artifacts.



This work is funded by EPSRC projects CyPhyAssure8, (grant reference EP/S001190/1), and RoboCalc (grant reference EP/M025756/1), and additionally German Science Foundation (DFG) grant 381212925.


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  • Yakoub Nemouchi
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  • Simon Foster
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    Email author
  • Mario Gleirscher
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  • Tim Kelly
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