Simulation Architecture Definition for Complex Systems Design: A Tooled Methodology

  • Jean-Patrick BrunetEmail author
  • Henri Sohier
  • Mouadh Yagoubi
  • Mathieu Bisquay
  • Pascal Lamothe
  • Pascal Menegazzi
Conference paper


For the design of complex systems like in the automotive industry, the use of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is being considered as a promising solution in order to formalize and communicate information. Numerical simulation is also routinely used as a tool to answer potential design questions that arise. However the link between MBSE and simulation still needs further improvement. In this work, a tooled methodology is proposed in order to enhance the link between system architecture and numerical simulation. In a first step, a solicitation package is formalized and implemented in a SysML-based tool to define the simulation needs. In a second step, a tool that allows to define the simulation architecture and to pilot the execution of the simulation is developed. We show that thanks to the proposed process and exchange format between the system and simulation architects, model reuse and agility is improved in a complex systems design.


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  • Jean-Patrick Brunet
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    Email author
  • Henri Sohier
    • 1
  • Mouadh Yagoubi
    • 1
  • Mathieu Bisquay
    • 1
  • Pascal Lamothe
    • 2
  • Pascal Menegazzi
    • 3
  1. 1.IRT SystemXPalaiseauFrance
  2. 2.PSA GroupeRueil-MalmaisonFrance
  3. 3.ValeoParisFrance

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