The International Register of Ideas and Innovations. A Visionary Social Network to Develop Innovation and Protect IP Using Blockchain and Proof-of-Originality Algorithm

  • Giovanni RinaldiEmail author
  • Marco MancaEmail author
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The International Register of the Ideas and Innovations (IRI) is a “visionary” and at present an experimental project that wants to protect all over the world the intellectual work leveraging on the blockchain paradigm (BC). IRI protects all the intellectual work not only the traditional ones (patents, trademarks, copyright, industrial design, geographical indication) but also those not protected by traditional offices such as ideas, projects, models, services, artefacts. The starting point is how to generate trust between many and different subjects engaged in the innovation value chain in order to create, build and collaborate in the developing of innovation. For this reason BC is also used to certify the actions, activities and relationships between researchers, inventors, students, innovators, funders, industries, user communities during the creation, construction and marketing of innovation. Detaching from the main BC platforms that need the consensus of the transaction based on a mechanism of proofing (especially regarding the financial area like bitcoin or Ethereum) the core of the project is the Proof-of-Originality algorithm (PoOr) that detects and compares the originality of the proposal. The challenge is to verify how the publication on IRI of an idea, project, …, assumes a “de-facto” protection. If an innovator can protect the idea and if the actions and the relationships that allowed the realization of the innovation are certified, he can share it and this allows the co-construction, the development and at the same time this generates trust for the selling or the search for funding.


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