Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction

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Implant-based breast reconstruction continues to be the most utilized technique for postmastectomy reconstruction in the United States, with over 85,000 cases performed in 2015. Techniques involving both two-stage (expander-implant) reconstruction and single-stage reconstruction have advanced significantly in the past decade, with excellent aesthetic outcomes consistently being achieved due to improved tools such as cohesive anatomic implants and acellular dermal matrices (ADM).


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Supplementary material

Video 6.1

A patient with bilateral submuscular prosthetic breast reconstruction, 2 years following completion, exhibiting animation deformity (MP4 6381 kb)

Video 6.2

360 degrees view of tissue expander following prepectoral placement and full ADM coverage (MP4 11693 kb)

Video 6.3a

The patient from Fig. 6.6, shown contracting her pectoralis major muscles (a) prior to conversion with her submuscular reconstruction (MOV 37396 kb)

Video 6.3b

The patient from Fig. 6.6, shown contracting her pectoralis major muscles (b) following neo-prepectoral pocket conversion and elimination of her animation deformity (MOV 61386 kb)

Video 6.4a

The patient from Fig. 6.13, shown contracting her pectoralis major muscles (a) prior to conversion with her submuscular reconstruction (MOV 30515 kb)

Video 6.4b

The patient from Fig. 6.13, shown contracting her pectoralis major muscles (b) following neo-prepectoral pocket conversion and elimination of her animation deformity (MOV 44651 kb)


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