Total Breast Reconstruction Using the Thoracodorsal Artery Perforator Flap TDAP

  • Fabio Santanelli di PompeoEmail author
  • Michail Sorotos


The TDAP is a perforator flap based on the perforators that originate from the thoracodorsal pedicle, and it was first described by Angrigiani et al. in 1995. It offers a well-vascularized skin paddle that can be harvested in several dimensions. Breast surgery is one of the areas where the pedicled TDAP has important applications since in selected cases it can offer total autologous breast reconstruction without the need of an implant. It offers an alternative for patients in whom abdomen-based flaps are high-risk or unavailable options or even more as a primary option in patients with small to medium breast size. The TDAP flap can be applied both for immediate and delayed reconstruction and in cases of radiotherapy. The advantages of this technique include a total autologous breast reconstruction, minimally invasive technique, good aesthetic results, low complication rates, and low-cost surgery.


TDAP flap Breast reconstruction Autologous breast reconstruction Thoracodorsal artery perforator flap Flap surgery Breast cancer Mastectomy Fat grafting Lipofilling 


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