Online Attendre Tracking System

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  • D. Prakash
  • G. Shobana
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The Educational institutions much more focus on their academic and business motives were, the students are not comfortable with the stand-alone applications provided to them for their privilege to have a connectedness within themselves and the management. This is because those applications are comprised with much less features which failed to have such an interactivity among the students. This derivate the objective of the proposed system which, is to provide students, the utmost interactive experience to be socially connected and to make the users to be socially responsible. Here, the student can use Blood-Bank portal to be the donor or beneficiary by providing their non-confidential health details. And, The Institution can make better decisions by conducting an online election/poll with the students as the voters. Also the students can share their ideas and opinions with other members through the Blog. Portal, where the students can even use this as a platform to show their support for the polling. The students can also keep a track of their presence in the institution and they will get notified on insufficient attendance. Admin is also provided with the facility to post some prominent issues like circulars, new regulations, events etc. Which shall be shared with all the students for their kind references. Overall, the application is developed for a group of people to make them to be socially connected and to be socially responsible. The entire control of the application lies in the hand of the administrator and the admin possess the power to remove the user in case of any misconduct or breach of any of the terms and conditions laid down by the application.


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