Design and Development of Self-sovereign Identity Using Ethereum Blockchain

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Meaning of an identity is the fact of being who or what a person or thing is Now a days India moving towards digitization. Therefore, all the things becoming digital like bank transaction, education, government IDs, etc. We all are so much active on social media also. Hence we are having tremendous amount of login IDs and passwords. Through these kind of social media or Internet surfing we are unnecessarily reveling our personal information. In this way we aren’t having control on our own identity. Consequently security of identity is becoming very serious issue, it becomes more hard to authorize a level of trust between multiple parties. On this issue Sovereign Identity will be the best solution. Sovereign means Unrestricted. There is no restriction on our identity and it will be completely under the control of the user. By using blockchain technology we can develop this kind of identity. This paper focusing on various aspects of blockchain technology like ethereum platform, smart contracts, ganache server, truffle framework, metamask, Zero knowledge proof (ZKP) and also the implementation part of development of sovereign identity using blockchain.


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