Design of Intelligent Meter Life Cycle Management System Based on RFID

  • Xiao XiangqiEmail author
  • Chen Xiangqun
  • Huang Yanjiao
  • Xiao Wencheng
  • Yang Maotao
  • Huang Rui
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1084)


Based on RFID technology, the key technologies of smart meter life cycle management system are researched. Through RFID and cloud platform technology, the purpose of closed-loop management covering the entire life cycle of RFID smart meter design, production, parameter setting, factory inspection, warehouse management, on-site meter reading and maintenance scrapped was realized. RFID features include anti-collision mechanism and contactless, etc. are used to achieve multi-radio chip, multi-channel smart meter factory settings, factory testing, on-site meter reading, data backup and other functions. The cloud platform big data analysis mechanism is utilized to guide the watch factory in material selection and optimization design to improve the quality of the meter and reduce the failure rate of the meter so as to ensure the safety of the key data in the table and the purpose of fast and accurate data exchange with RFID intelligent meter is realized. The RFID tag antenna is optimized and simulated. The simulation results show that the maximum antenna gain is 1.6304 dBi, and the coverage characteristic reaches 360° along the θ direction, which can effectively improve the data reading rate and distance.


RFID UHVDC Cloud platform Smart meters Lifecycle management 



The project funds are derived from the science and technology projects of China State Grid Corporation (5216A01600VZ).


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  • Xiao Wencheng
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  • Yang Maotao
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  • Huang Rui
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  1. 1.State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company Limited Power Supply Service Center(Metrology Center)Hunan Province Key Laboratory of Intelligent Electrical Measurement and Application TechnologyChangshaChina
  2. 2.State Grid Shao Yang Power Supply CompanyShaoyangChina
  3. 3.China Resources Power Holdings Company LimitedShenzhenChina

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