The Construction and Key Technologies Research of the Integration of EMS and DMS with Rush Repair Scheduling in Area Grid

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  • Ming He
  • Leifan Li
  • Wei Yuan
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This paper analyzes the power grid in grid current small area power grid dispatching system, distribution automation, repair the present situation of the construction of power grid dispatching system, put forward for the middle and small area deployment rob integration system construction model. For different construction patterns are analyzed, key technology used for the deployment of the construction mode of integration finally rob of the system to the description of the. Regional power grid deployment rob integration system is in power network dispatching small area and repair the trend and direction of scheduling system construction, is the rapid and effective way to promote the distribution automation in small area power grid and rush repair scheduling construction. Provides an important technical means a kind of stability, safety, economy, an important guarantee to improve the quality of power supply service area.


EMS DMS Rush repair scheduling 



The regional power grid deployment and grabbing integrated system construction mode is to unify the three architectures of power grid dispatching, distribution network scheduling, and distribution network repair and dispatching. The software functions are accurately positioned and the hardware resources are highly multiplexed to form a complete integrated system. With the improvement of power grid planning and construction, the society has increased the requirements for power supply reliability and power supply service quality, and promoted the construction and perfection of the deployment and integration system. At the same time, the key technologies related to power grid dispatching, distribution network scheduling, distribution network repair scheduling and system integration are increasing, and the development is becoming more and more mature. There are more and more cases of different modes of deployment and integration systems. Value is gradually emerging.

At present, some typical integrated engineering cases in some parts of the country, such as Mianyang in Sichuan, Langfang in Hebei, and Suzhou in Jiangsu, have been put into operation or are being implemented. The regional power grid deployment and grab integration system is the development trend and direction of distribution network dispatching and repair scheduling in small and medium-sized areas. It is an important technical means to improve the stability, safety and economic operation of small and medium-sized power grids, and is an important guarantee for improving the quality of regional power supply services. Promote the intensive operation and management of the power grid.

National Key R&D Program of China (SGTYHT/13-JS-175); State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd. technical project “Research on Key Technologies of Integrated Scheduling Control and Fault Repair Scheduling System for EMS and DMS”.


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  2. 2.State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd.ChengduChina

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