In Memoriam Walter Greiner 1935–2016. Was Bleibt?

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Walter Greiner is born in Neuenbau near Sonnenberg in the Thueringer Wald on October 29, 1935. Neuenbau is a small village of about 200 inhabitants. When Walter was born, it was almost in the center of Germany. After the war in 1945, Neuenbau was situated in Communist East Germany, the DDR, only about 2 km to the border to West Germany in the restricted area, which one could only visit with special permission. Walter’s parents, his father was a shoemaker, realized that Neuenbau could not provide an adequate education to the gifted young boy. In 1947, they did send Walter to his grandparents near Frankfurt/Main. Finally, the total family moved to the area of Frankfurt. In the chemical company, Farbwerke Hoechst, Walter made an apprenticeship as metalworker. He obtained the Abitur, which in Germany is needed for the admission to the university, in the Abend-Gymnasium. There he also met his later wife Baerbel Chun.



We colleagues will be always thankful to Walter for his inspiring personality and his scientific work. Thank you, Walter.


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