Interaction Graph Neural Network for News Recommendation

  • Yongye Qian
  • Pengpeng ZhaoEmail author
  • Zhixu Li
  • Junhua Fang
  • Lei Zhao
  • Victor S. Sheng
  • Zhiming Cui
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Personalized news recommendation has become a highly challenging problem in recent years. Traditional ID-based methods such as collaborative filtering are not suitable for news recommendation due to the extremely rapid update of candidate news. Various content-based methods have been proposed for news recommendation and achieved the state-of-the-art performance. Recently, knowledge-aware news recommendation further improves the performance through discover latent knowledge level connections among the news. However, we argue that the above content-based methods do not fully utilize the collaborative information latent in user-item interactions into user and news representation learning process. In this paper, we propose a new news recommendation model, Interaction Graph Neural Network (IGNN), which integrates a user-item interactions graph and a knowledge graph into the news recommendation model. Specifically, IGNN obtains the representation of users and items with two graphs. One is the knowledge graph, and another is the user-item interaction graph. It learns the content-based feature from knowledge-level and semantic-level with convolutional neural networks and fuses the high-order collaborative signals extracted from the user-item interaction graph into user and news representation learning process with a graph neural network. Extensive experiments are conducted on the two real-world news data sets, and experimental results show that IGNN significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art approaches for news recommendation.


News recommendation Graph Neural Network Knowledge graph 



This research was partially supported by NSFC (No. 61876117, 61876217, 61872258, 61728205), Open Program of Key Lab of IIP of CAS (No. IIP2019-1) and PAPD.


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