Design and Implementation of Small-scale Sensor Network Based on Raspberry Pi

  • Honglei ZhengEmail author
  • Hong Guo
  • Shimin Wu
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With the development of modern technology, embedded technology has continued to develop. In the deep cooperation between embedded and wireless network technologies, the technology of sensor network has been born. The software system based on traditional wireless network cannot collect data in the real world. In some production environments, the embedded sensor network consists of a large number of sensor nodes, integrating sensing, acquisition, processing, and transceiving functions into an autonomous network system to achieve dynamic and intelligent collaborative sensing of the physical world. Based on the existing wireless sensor network system architecture, this paper designs and implements a small-scale sensor network system based on Raspberry Pi. After the software and hardware test of the sensor network system, the test results show that the system can complete the information collection and transmission, and has stability and synchronization to meet project requirements and stability requirements.


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  2. 2.Hubei Province Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing and Real-time Industrial SystemWuhanChina

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