I2P Anonymous Communication Network Measurement and Analysis

  • Likun LiuEmail author
  • Hongli Zhang
  • Jiantao Shi
  • Xiangzhan Yu
  • Haixiao Xu
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The I2P (Invisible Internet Project) network is a low-latency anonymous network composed of I2P routers based on garlic routing, which is mainly to protect privacy and prevent tracking, such as evading censorship and hiding whistle-blowers. As opposed to well-known and well-research Tor network, I2P aims to organize itself and distribute its anonymity. To our best knowledge, the study of I2P measurements is still insufficient. Thus, this paper proposed a novel method to measure I2P anonymous network nodes, including passive measurement and active measurement, and designed a local I2P node analysis system. Through experiments, we collected 16040 I2P nodes and analyzed properties including country distribution, bandwidth distribution and FloodingFill node attributes.


Anonymous communication network I2P Network Measurement Network security Smart Communication 



This work was supported by National Key Research & Development Plan of China under Grant 2016QY05X1000, and National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No.61771166.


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  • Jiantao Shi
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  • Xiangzhan Yu
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