Information Diffusion: Survey to Models and Approaches, a Way to Capture Online Social Networks

  • Mohd Abas ShiekhEmail author
  • Kalpana Sharma
  • Aaquib Hussain Ganai
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 38)


Since the emergence of the Online Social Networks, people have been increasingly involved in the online mode of communications. They have been more or less influenced by these online communications and the idea of having or making an influence has been a key specialization for Online Social Network users. To control or spread something that is good or bad, we always have to point out the key players on Online Social Networks, so that we can take out remedial steps in order to deal with good or bad diffusions around the Globe in the modern era of Online Social Networks. These key players are called as influential users. To model the extraction of these influential users and to model information influence in the Online Social Networks the researchers have modeled as information diffusion model. In this paper, we are going to explore some of the models and the approaches that have an advantage to tackle the problems relating to the information diffusion in Online Social Networks.


Social networks Online Social Networks Influential user Information diffusion Online communications 


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  • Mohd Abas Shiekh
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    Email author
  • Kalpana Sharma
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  • Aaquib Hussain Ganai
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  1. 1.Bhagwant UniversityAjmerIndia
  2. 2.University of KashmirSrinagarIndia

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