Impact of Silver Nanoparticles on Plant Physiology: A Critical Review

  • Fareen Sami
  • Husna Siddiqui
  • Shamsul Hayat
Part of the Sustainable Agriculture Reviews book series (SARV, volume 41)


Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing field of science and technology that focuses on the production and utilization of materials measuring <100 nm in at least one dimension. The unique physicochemical properties of nanoparticles are a result of their high surface area and high reactivity, which renders them beneficial in biotechnology industries and in agriculture. In recent years, researchers have focused on the beneficial effects of silver nanoparticles (Ag-NPs) on plant growth and development. Ag-NPs, when applied at low concentrations, enhance shoot and root growth of many species. Also, Ag-NPs enhance the activities of antioxidant enzymes which limit production of reactive oxygen species in plant cells. Lower doses of Ag-NPs are also beneficial in enhancing chlorophyll production as well as enhancing chlorophyll florescence parameters. This review highlights the current understanding as well as the future possibilities of Ag-NP research in plant systems.


Abiotic stress Antioxidative defense system Compatible solutes Flooding stress Growth Heat stress Nanotechnololgy Photosynthesis ROS homeostasis Salt stress Seed germination 


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