Security Enabled Smart Home Using Internet of Things

  • Y. SwathiEmail author
  • M. B. Shanthi
  • Swati Kumari
  • Priya Batni
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Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology which connects the world with digital communication by making the devices connected to the internet to communicate with each other. It conceptualizes connecting the real-world objects remotely and monitoring them through the internet. The implication of smart technology starts from enabling us to monitor the happenings at home and take the precautious actions based on the activities remotely. Plenty of researchers have shown interest in building smart cities which we dream as our future digital world. There is ample space in developing smart solutions for automating the home . The existing solutions have a focus on monitoring and alerting the house owners in the case of suspension about any unauthorized entries in the house premises. In this paper, we have proposed a smart solution with enforces security to detect the person who enters home premises is authorized or not. It alerts the owner of the home in case of any trespass by capturing the image and providing required details. Based on the verification by the house owner, the person is either allowed to enter the house or required action to be taken by the house owner.


IoT Emerging Communication Conceptualize Monitoring Trespass Suspension Unauthorized Automated Verification 


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  • Y. Swathi
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    Email author
  • M. B. Shanthi
    • 2
  • Swati Kumari
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  • Priya Batni
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  1. 1.Department of ISECMR Institute of TechnologyBengaluruIndia
  2. 2.Department of CSECMR Institute of TechnologyBengaluruIndia

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