Security Landscape for Private Cloud

  • Sheeja Shaji ManakattuEmail author
  • Shivakumar Murugesh
  • Rajashekhar Ningappa Hirekurabar
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 98)


Cloud computing is gaining momentum due to its features like scalability, pay-per-use model, dynamic resource allocation etc. Since many applications and platforms of different organizations or departments are running on the same infrastructure, security is of utmost importance in the cloud. Cloud computing faces common security issues like data loss, malware attacks, phishing attacks, man in the middle attack etc., if proper care is not taken in hosting of applications and services. The technologies that make cloud computing possible like multi-tenancy, virtualization etc. itself can be exploited. Organizations often move to private cloud infrastructure in order to have better control over the data, infrastructure and security policies compared to the public cloud. Moving to a private cloud will not make the cloud more secured in nature. Security measures must be taken to make sure that the private cloud is secured. This paper discusses the security issues that can occur in a private cloud and its possible solutions.


Cloud computing Cloud security Data security Virtualization security Application security 


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  • Sheeja Shaji Manakattu
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    Email author
  • Shivakumar Murugesh
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  • Rajashekhar Ningappa Hirekurabar
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