Religion, Mysticism, and the State

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Part of the Contributions to Phenomenology book series (CTPH, volume 110)


This paper explores the possible relationship between Stein’s early phenomenologicaI work on the state with her later Christian philosophy, especially her writings on figures like John of the Cross and Dionysus the Areopagite. Though Stein does not address spiritual theological questions in her political treatise, she raises the importance of the soul or psyche for the state insofar as all persons are constituted as lived body-soul-spirit unities: Persons are members of the state community and the state is conceived as a quasi-person. If we take seriously Stein’s later views of personhood, amplified by her theological discussion, the state, which is personal, can be said to come to bear some responsibility for the well-being of the spiritual soul of its people.


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