Woman and the State in Edith Stein’s Thought

  • Eva Reyes-Gacitúa
Part of the Contributions to Phenomenology book series (CTPH, volume 110)


In 1932, Edith Stein was invited to work at the German Institute for Scientific Pedagogy in Münster, Germany. There, she critically examined various problems associated with the education of women in her Probleme der neueren Mädchenbildung. Earlier in 1921, she devoted herself to an in-depth analysis of the state, which resulted in her work Eine Untersuchung über den Staat. Her investigation of the state drew from her early work about community in her Philosophy of Psychology and the Humanities, written in 1919. Drawing from these works, this article analyzes Stein’s concept of woman from the fundamental standpoint of public and political life.


Public opinion Women’s education Politics Community Feminine particularity 


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