A Comprehensive Characterization of Stress Relaxed ZnO Thin Film at Wafer Level

  • Priyanka JoshiEmail author
  • Jitendra Singh
  • V. K. Jain
  • Jamil Akhtar
Part of the Green Energy and Technology book series (GREEN)


The chapter goes onto explore the impact of sputtering parameters on structural, optical, and mechanical properties of reactive magnetron sputtered ZnO thin film. Stress relaxed and room temperature deposited ZnO film is highly desirable from fabrication aspects. Oxygen partial pressure is varied from 30 to 60% and c-axis oriented ZnO (002) thin films are prepared at room temperature. The stress varies in −0.06 × 109 to −2.27 × 109 dyne/cm2 range, and compressive in nature. A detailed characterization of ZnO sputtered film is carried out in order to correlate the mechanical, structural, and optical properties of thin film. A theoretical model has been proposed to understand the consequences of oxygen-induced stress in ZnO thin films. It is established that nearly stress-free, single-phase, and highly c-axis oriented ZnO thin film can be deposited using a unique combination of sputter parameters.


Zinc oxide Characterization Stress Sputtering Oxygen partial pressure 



Authors are thankful to Director CSIR-CEERI Pilani for continuous support and encouragement. This research work was supported by the 12th Plan network project PSC-0102 (R-Nano). Mr. Arvind Kumar Singh and Mr. Prateek Kothari helped to maintain ZnO sputtering machine.


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  • Jitendra Singh
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  • V. K. Jain
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  • Jamil Akhtar
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  2. 2.College of Engineering and TechnologyMody UniversityLakshmangarhIndia

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