A Model for Distributed Service Level Agreement Negotiation in Internet of Things

  • Fan LiEmail author
  • Andrei PaladeEmail author
  • Siobhán ClarkeEmail author
Conference paper
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Internet of Things (IoT) services can provide a comprehensive competitive edge compared to traditional services by leveraging the physical devices’ capabilities through a demand-driven approach to provide a near real-time state of the world. Service provision in such a dynamic and large-scale environment needs to cope with intermittent availability of service providers, and may require negotiation to agree on Quality of Service (QoS) of a particular service. Existing negotiation approaches for IoT require a centralised perspective of the environment, which may not be practical given the scale and autonomy of service providers that rely on sensors deployed various environments to deliver their services. We propose a negotiation mechanism that uses distributed service brokers to dynamically negotiate with multiple IoT service providers on behalf of service consumers. The framework uses a hierarchical architecture to cluster service information and to manage the message flows during the negotiation process. Simulation results demonstrate the feasibility and efficiency of our proposal.


Internet of Things Distributed SLA negotiation Negotiation protocol 



This work was funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) under grant 13/IA/1885.


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