Harmonia: A Continuous Service Monitoring Framework Using DevOps and Service Mesh in a Complementary Manner

  • Haan JohngEmail author
  • Anup K. Kalia
  • Jin Xiao
  • Maja Vuković
  • Lawrence Chung
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Software teams today are required to deliver new or updated services frequently, rapidly and independently. Adopting DevOps and Microservices support the rapid service delivery model but leads to pushing code or service infrastructure changes across inter-dependent teams that are not collectively assessed, verified, or notified. In this paper, we propose Harmonia - a continuous service monitoring framework utilizing DevOps and Service Mesh in a complementary manner to improve coordination and change management among independent teams. Harmonia can automatically detect changes in services, including changes that violate performance SLAs and user experience, notify the changes to affected teams, and help them resolve the changes quickly. We applied Harmonia to a standard application in describing Microservice management to assist with an initial understanding and strengths of Harmonia. During the demonstration, we deployed faulty and normal services alternatively and captured changes from Jenkins, Github, Istio, and Kubernetes logs to form an application-centric cohesive view of the change and its impact and notify the affected teams.


DevOps Service Mesh Microservice Monitoring Enterprise Cloud Management 


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  • Anup K. Kalia
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  • Jin Xiao
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  • Maja Vuković
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  • Lawrence Chung
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  2. 2.IBM T. J. Watson Research CenterYorktown HeightsUSA

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