Towards Integration of Cloud Computing with Internet of Things

  • Junaid Latief ShahEmail author
  • Heena Farooq Bhat
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The “Internet of Things” refers to a novel technological innovation that enables pervasive communication of things with “physical or virtual world” via internet. As sensor devices and RFID communication have seen an exponential surge in recent years, humongous amounts of data gets generated, which becomes difficult to handle with limited processing and storage available in these sensor nodes. To overcome this, Cloud and IoT amalgamation also known as CloudIoT provides an efficient solution for bridging communication between heterogeneous devices and handling ever increasing data demands. CloudIoT framework permits seamless application deployment and service rendering using Cloud service based models. In this chapter, we review the available CloudIoT literature and present a holistic vision on the CloudIoT integration components. The chapter also presents seamless applications dispensed by CloudIoT platform and contemplates discussion on factors driving CloudIoT integration. The work in this chapter also highlights security issues affecting IoT layered architecture including vulnerabilities inherent in the Cloud. Also a brief discussion on some potential mitigation measures will be provided. The chapter also elaborates discussion on various CloudIoT platforms that aim at solving heterogeneity issue between the Cloud and Things. Finally, the chapter concludes by identifying some open research issues and challenges hampering Cloud and IoT integration.


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