Role of Smart Sensors in Minimizing Food Deficit by Prediction of Shelf-Life in Agricultural Supply Chain

  • Ganesan SangeethaEmail author
  • Muthuswamy Vijayalakshmi
Part of the Intelligent Systems Reference Library book series (ISRL, volume 174)


Food shortage is a major problem across the world caused due to larger food wastages. Food wastage includes the lifespan from fruit or vegetable produce till its edible nature on consumer side. Sensors play an important factor in sensing the quality of food produce and reaching customer end without any degradation. There is a high demand to use wireless sensors to reduce food spoilage by inspecting agricultural produce to reach consumers in an efficient way. Existing works include wireless shelf period, improving resource knowledge of produce among stakeholders to achieve timely decisions in supply chain and real-time prediction of perishable agricultural produce. However, there is lacking requirement on efficient usage of IoT sensors to induce no food dumping in agricultural logistics during pre-harvest and post-harvest phases. This Chapter gives a review on the prevailing techniques that use IoT sensors to monitor and prevent perishable food spoilage. An outline of suggestions to increase functioning of sensors using new methods has also been listed.


Food shortage Degradation Agricultural produce Shelf period Stakeholders IoT sensors 


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