Security Vulnerabilities in Traditional Wireless Sensor Networks by an Intern in IoT, Blockchain Technology for Data Sharing in IoT

  • V. ManjulaEmail author
  • R. Thalapathi Rajasekaran
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The Internet of Things (IoT) contributes significantly to transform and modernize the industry and society for digitizing the knowledge, hence that it can be sensed and actuated in real-time. The fast growth of connected devices across the globe anticipated to 50 billion by 2020, due to the intelligent connection of things, people, data, and process. Hence the security complications of IoT applications are essential to deal at various levels, but complexity advances due to the high heterogeneity of devices also lack in performance. A blockchain is a key technology to bring transaction processing and intelligence to devices as well as privacy issues, scalability and reliability problems in the IoT paradigm. The technology inclusion of blockchain and the IoT in the government system could accelerate communication among citizens, companies, and governments.


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