Interactions Between the Plant Endomembranes and the Cytoskeleton

  • Pengfei Cao
  • Federica BrandizziEmail author
Part of the Plant Cell Monographs book series (CELLMONO, volume 24)


In eukaryotic cells, the endomembrane system comprises the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), the vacuole, and several other types of membrane-enclosed compartments that share membrane origins and communicate with each other. These endomembrane compartments are indispensable for the cell and together exert essential cellular functions, such as intracellular membrane transport and secretion. In plant cells, the endomembrane compartments interact extensively with the cytoskeleton system, mainly the actin cytoskeleton, in concert with their dynamic biogenesis and movement. Recent studies have characterized conserved mechanisms and a set of plant-specific proteins that are involved in the endomembrane–cytoskeleton interactions. In this chapter, we review mechanisms of the interactions between plant cytoskeleton and the major endomembrane compartments in a broad context of organelle morphogenesis, dynamics, and cellular functions.



We thank Dr. Sang-Jin Kim for helpful discussion. This work was primarily supported by NSF MCB1714561 and AgBioResearch MICL02598 to FB. We acknowledge infrastructure support by the Chemical Sciences, Geosciences and Biosciences Division, Office of BES, Office of Science, US DOE DE-FG02-91ER20021.


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