Community Service Scholarship

  • Daniel E. Guzman
  • John P. Sánchez


The goal of this chapter is to give an outline of how trainees can create scholarship from community service. The chapter will begin with basic definitions of community service, community engagement, service learning and opportunities for scholarship through community service. It will highlight trends in service activities engaged in by trainees, as they progress from their pre-medical to resident training, to show the myriad of possibilities and potential alignment with personal and professional interests. The concept of value-based alignment will be introduced to help readers align their activities not only with personal and professional interests but also community needs and institutional mission and strategic planning, yielding greater fulfillment and advancement. The chapter then introduces examples of frameworks and models to help transform community service work to scholarship with case scenarios to showcase how frameworks and models can be applied to achieve scholarship.


Community service Trainees Scholarship Community engagement Pre-medical Resident Institutional mission Strategic planning Framework Models 


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  • John P. Sánchez
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  2. 2.Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians Inc., Executive Director, Latino Medical Student Association Inc.New YorkUSA

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