Big Data for Internet of Things: A Survey on IoT Frameworks and Platforms

  • Amine AtmaniEmail author
  • Ibtissame Kandrouch
  • Nabil Hmina
  • Habiba Chaoui
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 92)


Ordinary objects that we use in our daily life have become now connected to the Internet and are getting even smarter. Wearable devices, thermostats, cars, door locks, lights, and more appliances are now connected over the Internet of Things. Therefore, the number of these smart things increases remarkably. At the present time, we talk about billions of connected devices and it is expected that this rapid growth will carry forward in an exponential way. This development has led to the investment in IoT applications that allow users interacting with all their devices, monitoring and controlling them remotely. Furthermore, the massive amount of data generated by connected devices and sensors should be transformed into actionable insights and predictions thanks to Big Data technologies for better user experience automation. In the interest of developing and implementing IoT applications, many Internet of Things frameworks and platforms are now designed. This paper provides a review of several available IoT frameworks and platforms. For each one of them, we discuss its architecture and its important features. Moreover, these frameworks are compared to each other depending on several criteria, such as: Security, data analytics, and support of visualization.


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  • Ibtissame Kandrouch
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  • Nabil Hmina
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  • Habiba Chaoui
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  1. 1.Ibn Tofail UniversityKenitraMorocco
  2. 2.ADSI Team, System Engineering LaboratoryKenitraMorocco

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