The Resonator as a Global System

  • Giuseppe CuzzucoliEmail author
  • Mario Garrone


In this chapter the individual components presented heretofore are tied together, and the interactions of string, top, back and body are analysed. The interaction string-resonator is presented introducing the concepts of string impedance and reflection factor. The global resonant system is studied as a three degree of freedom represented as an analog circuit in Appendix, and the important subject of the coupling between oscillators is discussed as the basis for the formation of the fundamental resonances of the guitar through the interaction between air in the cavity and the front and back plates. The equations of the model allow determining several parameters like vibrating mass, stiffness, effective areas of plates, coupling coefficient. The parameters can be determined from a few basic resonances measurable in a finished instrument. Conversely, given a set of basic resonances, the model helps selecting the natural mode of the top and back and the Helmholtz resonance to support the design phase. Typical values of the parameters are given as an example. Special attention is dedicated to the influence of the back and its coupling to top and air through the contribution of its modes.

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