TQM in Higher Education for Sustainable Future

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Total Quality Management (TQM) had gained increasing interest and application in higher education over the last decades. This paper presents the concept of TQM in a higher educational institution on how they can sustain TQM for a sustainable future. Higher educational institutions must first understand that in order to function effectively and efficiently, they must determine the exact ends they wish to achieve and adopt the most rational method and style in pursuing them. “From customer satisfaction to customer delight,” is the vital message of Total Quality Management (TQM). There is a need to identify and apply the relevant concepts of TQM to every aspect of academic units; i.e., teaching, research, community services, and administrative supports. The integral part of TQM advocates at the higher educational institutions is primarily top management, senior administrators, and faculty member/staff.


TQM Quality practice Benchmarking Sustainable Higher educational institutions 


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