Sustainable Tourism Development in Historical Cities Case Study: Karak, Jordan

  • Jawdat GoussousEmail author
  • Oraib Al-Jaafreh
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Cultural tourism is essential in conserving and realizing the value of our heritage. Furthermore, in Jordan, the tourism industry was set as a priority, and the urban heritage of Jordanian cities has been identified as one of the country’s valuable assets. The Jordanian government is working to working to develop, or attract investment in the tourism sector; to improve productivity and living standards; and create and sustain a vibrant economy. This study discusses the Jordanian experience in sustainable tourism development of historical cities, such as the historic city of Karak, as in this case study. This study aims to preview the emergence of the sustainable cultural tourism industry in Jordan; analyze sustainable tourism development strategies in Karak; study the obstacles to the application of sustainable solutions; and determine ways of activating sustainable tourism strategies. This study concludes with the importance of increasing efforts toward the application of sustainable tourism strategies in Jordan and encouraging the participation of the local and private sectors to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders.


Tourism industry Sustainable tourism Historic cities Cultural heritage 


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