In the Name of Desire: A Reading of Lacan’s “Demand and Desire in the Oral and Anal Stage”—Commentary on Session XIV

  • Frederic C. Baitinger
Part of the The Palgrave Lacan Series book series (PALS)


This commentary analyzes how Lacan criticizes ego-psychologists for having turned Freud’s approach to psychoanalysis into a form of “therapeutical abuse” in which the analyst is supposed to adopt a parental position in regard to the patient, and the patient a loving position in regard to the analyst. Opposing this normative trend, Lacan suggests in “Demand and Desire in the Oral and Anal Stage” that the role of the analyst is not to repress the patient’s desire in the name of the satisfaction of its needs but, on the contrary, to help the patient retrieve their desire against what is normally supporting its erasure.


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