Data Storage Model for Organizing the Monitoring of POS-Networks Processes and Events

  • Dmitriy KozlovEmail author
  • Natalia Sadovnikova
  • Danila Parygin
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 260)


The chapter describes the main problems of monitoring the POS-networks operation. The task of developing a new method of storing and processing data of the POS-devices network for effective monitoring of events and processes occurring in it is considered. The main problems associated with storing data about the topology of the POS-network, its structural elements, events and processes occurring in it are formulated. Storage methods and data processing algorithms that can solve actual problems when solving the problem of monitoring a large number of POS devices are described.


Monitoring Information system POS networks Graph models Event flow Data model Database 



The reported study was funded by Russian Foundation for Basic Research according to the research project No. 18-37-20066_mol_a_ved.


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