Extensive Study on Antennae for IoT Applications

  • T. JayanthiEmail author
  • N. Sai Akhila
  • G. Pravallika
Part of the Intelligent Systems Reference Library book series (ISRL, volume 172)


Present world is being ruled by Internet of Things (IoT). Where, wireless communication is the first choice of communication for IoT nodes and devices. Antenna system plays a vital role in providing communication between all IoT Nodes and Devices (IND), Antenna performance may seem unimportant. The whole idea of IoT is based on having many devices close together with inexpensive transceivers. Despite the close range and low cost, though, antenna performance still matters. In this paper we present an extensive study on various antennae and their performance for IND.


IoT IND Antenna performance Transceivers 


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