Applications of Smart Devices

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In this chapter we have tried to explore how IOT, connected devices and automation shall bring about a revolution in the field of agriculture and tremendously improve nearly every facet of it. IOT in agriculture is the amalgamation of Information technology, telecommunications and sensor technology. Agriculture has been a neglected field in India as far as automation and technological use and applicability are concerned due to lack of funds for technological expansion and limited technical expertise for implementation of the available technologies. Agro based economy like India being perfect for implementation of smart agriculture; Organizations are focusing on improving accessibility of low cost IOT sensors and providing more scalable and cost effective solutions. Smart farming techniques encompass a number of applications such as Precision Farming, Smart Greenhouses, Livestock Management, and Agriculture Drones and Farm Management Systems. The use of smart & connected devices in agriculture have helped farmers gain better control over their farm produce, help make climatic predictions and raise their livestock’s more efficiently. The use of IOT for digitization of farms has caught the attention of Government of India and has been included in its policy for Digital India. A recent study by Statistic shows that smart agriculture shall take up $26.76 billion of global market size by 2020. According to a report by NASSCOM, India has around 40 startups dealing in smart agriculture.


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