Decision Making Framework for Natural Gas Projects in the EU and on the Future Role of Gas

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This chapter focuses on how the legal framework and decision-making process in the EU could promote de-politicisation of the market rules and decarbonisation of natural gas. It presents a critical and detailed account of the complex map of EU natural gas legislation, starting with a historical description of the gradual introduction of liberalisation with each energy package. The chapter then explains the present gas market architecture within the framework of the Third Energy Package, Gas Target Model and Network Codes. Finally, before concluding this book, it returns to the planned 2020 Gas Package and provides policy recommendations, including on the future of sector coupling, and explores alternatives pathways to promote incentives for technologies that can enable decarbonisation of the gas grid at scale.


Gas Directive Amendment Network Codes Capacity Allocation Sector coupling Gas Target Model Energy Union Energy Community Energy Charter Treaty Power to X Congestion Management Entry–Exit system Unbundling Sustainable Development Goals Transit Directive Second Energy Package Fuel cells Sector integration Liberalisation Competition Energy investment 

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