The Energy Mix: Decarbonisation and Natural Gas in EU Energy Policy

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Part of the Energy, Climate and the Environment book series (ECE)


This chapter aims to shed light into the market dynamics in the EU, including consumption, production trends and the current energy mix. This analysis, which also includes a study of gas prices, unconventional potential and gas storage capacity in the EU, aims to demonstrate the important role natural gas infrastructure plays in the context of EU energy security. This chapter will also discuss how different fuels contribute to the energy mix, their CO2 equivalents, and the status quo of technological advancements and investment levels on hydrogen, synthetic gas, biomethane and around carbon storage, its transportation and utilisation. This inevitably involves discussion on planned decommissioning activities. This chapter will conclude with initial thoughts on the expected 2020 gas package.


LNG Gas storage Hydrogen Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) Energy demand Indigenous production Energy mix European commission Clean energy package 2020 gas package Heating Transport Rate of return Storage Biogas Biomethane Synthetic gas Energy mix Carbon-neutral Net zero carbon The magnum project Guarantees of origin 

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