Methods for Minimising Consumption of Energy

  • Kiran R. Golwalkar


Various reasons for energy consumptions (old process technology and equipment designs, insufficient insulations causing losses from the equipment and hot ducts, inefficient operations and methods of energy recovery) are given which shall be looked in to. Energy Audits are to be regularly carried out and consumption in own plant is to be compared with ideal conditions/the conditions in plants which are operating with lower consumptions.

Methods for reducing energy consumption are suggested.

Industrial examples of saving energy (adjustable agitator assembly in process vessels), heat recovery (as low pressure steam from hot process gases, as hot water from hot acid); reducing draw of electrical energy from external supply by providing a Dual drive system (which can run even on unsteady rate of generation of steam by the Waste Heat Recovery Boiler).

Process boilers are described for heating chemicals (generating SO3 vapours from oleum, removing dissolved H2S from CS2) by hot process gases instead of generating steam.


Reducing consumption of energy by Project Planning Better design and construction of equipments Better layout Controlled operations Better selection and procurement of raw material Monitoring losses from equipments During operations and maintenance Potential for energy recovery Energy Audit and comparison with ideal conditions Examples of saving energy and heat recovery Process Boilers Agitated vessel Dual Drive system 

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