Analysis of Usability of Various Geosocial Network POI in Tourism

  • Jiří KyselaEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 1051)


The paper deals with an analysis of information usability of Points of Interest across different geosocial networks in tourism. The analysis contains a comparison of data retrieved from Facebook API, Foursquare API and Google Places API. The data was obtained for tourist areas from the smallest towns up to metropolitan cities. This article tries to verify the hypothesis whether or not geosocial networks provide relevant local information to participants in tourism, at least at the equivalent level currently available from traditional information resources used in tourism. In which case, geosocial networks have a potential to be used as a primary information resources in the commercial sector, specifically in local tourism.


Geosocial networks LBS POI Tourism Facebook Google places Foursquare API 



This publication is the result of Metropolitan University Prague research project no. 68-03 ‘Public Administration, Law and Industrial Property’, which was conducted in 2019 under a grant from the Institutional Fund for the Long-term Strategic Development of Research Organisations.


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