Towards a Maturity Model for Cloud Service Customizing

  • Oscar AvilaEmail author
  • Cristian Paez
  • Dario Correal
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In last years, more and more cloud providers are making great efforts to offer personalized services that fully match customers’ needs. However, it is not always easy because of the maturity level that requires their customization capabilities in order to design, implement, operate and improve personalized services. Furthermore, there is a lack of tools to help cloud providers to understand what is the current maturity level of their customization processes and the path to improve them. In this context, this work presents our progress for building a maturity model for the customization of cloud services. The model is proposed from a literature review in the area and two interviews to industry experts. The model, that includes two dimensions (customization capabilities and maturity levels) aims at helping researchers to develop new contributions in this research area and practitioners to develop their customization capabilities.


Cloud computing Customization Personalized Configurable SaaS PaaS IaaS Capability model 


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