Computational Design: From Algorithms to Digital Production for Traditional Manufacture Sectors

  • Annalisa Di RomaEmail author
  • Alessandra Scarcelli
Part of the Springer Series in Design and Innovation book series (SSDI, volume 1)


The paper aims at demonstrate the adaptive value of the digital crafts, regarding design and realization methods. In order to achieve some outcomes from a practical approach, some experiments are described. The discussion focuses on the relationship between the parametric tools supporting the design process (devoted to textile design and colour theory) and the aesthetical and technical outcomes. The typical way in which the craftsman “makes”—based on the informal transfer of models to production—shares the adaptive and repeatable approach of the parametric design. Therefore, through the specifications of the materials, the techniques and the realization tools, the seamless process is achieved.


Parametric tools Design process Textile design Colour theory Parametric design 


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