Tregelles and Scripture

  • Timothy C. F. Stunt
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For traditional Quakers, the ‘Inner Light’ was as inspired as scripture, and even the reformers could be ambivalent about scriptural infallibility. Doddridge’s different categories of inspiration distinguished divine superintendence from verbal inerrancy, which SPT applied equally to biblical history, doctrine and prophecy but which he did not extend to the work of copyists who, he believed, were fallible. His rigorist approach brought him into collision with other interpreters of prophecy (post-millennialists and dispensationalists), and with ‘neologians’ like Gesenius. His rejection of German ‘neology’ was responsible for his controversy with Davidson over their revision of Horne’s Introduction. While he could be very critical of defenders of the textus receptus like Jacob Tomlin, and other conservative evangelicals, his relations (and disagreements) with the ‘neologist’ Wilhelm de Wette were surprisingly conciliatory.

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