Tregelles and Tischendorf

  • Timothy C. F. Stunt
Part of the Christianities in the Trans-Atlantic World book series (CTAW)


In their parallel careers, the contrasts of opportunity, affluence and ambition are striking. Tischendorf’s travels were part of a tradition pioneered by Curzon and Scholtz but he was secretive about his finds. Thanks to suggestions by Major Macdonald, SPT may have previously guessed the existence of the Codex Sinaiticus. In 1850, the scholars agreed to cooperate but Tischendorf became impatient with SPT’s disagreements over details. Although SPT helped him sell his MSS, Tischendorf publicly attacked him in print. With the announcement of Sinaiticus, there was some rapprochement but the relationship remained strained. When Simonides claimed to have written Sinaiticus, SPT’s support for Tischendorf was a further irritant.

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