Location Problems with Multiple Criteria

  • S. Nickel
  • J. PuertoEmail author
  • A. M. Rodríguez-Chía


This chapter analyzes multicriteria continuous, network, and discrete location problems. In the continuous framework, we provide a complete description of the set of weak Pareto, Pareto, and strict Pareto locations for a general Q-criteria location problem based on the characterization of three criteria problems. In the network case, the set of Pareto locations is characterized for general networks as well as for tree networks using the concavity and convexity properties of the distance function on the edges. In the discrete setting, the entire set of Pareto locations is characterized using rational generating functions of integer points in polytopes. Moreover, we describe algorithms to obtain the solutions sets (the different Pareto locations) using the above characterizations. We also include a detailed complexity analysis. A number of references has been cited throughout the chapter to avoid the inclusion of unnecessary technical details and also to be useful for a deeper analysis.


Pareto-optimal Pareto locations Level curves Tree networks Networks Rational functions 



The authors were partially supported by projects MTM2016-74983-C2-01/02-R (Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities∖FEDER, Spain).


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