Automatic Monitoring of Hydroponics System Using IoT

  • R. VidhyaEmail author
  • K. Valarmathi
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Because of expansion in industrialization, there is a remarkable drop in cultivation land. Human populace is expanding in everyday life which in turn raises the demand for nourishment. Nourishment is an essential fundamental resource for the survival of individual on earth. Typically, traditional planting with soil expends a longer time. These days there is gigantic innovation progress in the agri-based sector with the hydroponic idea. Growing a plant without soil builds the yield of harvests in brief span for any climatic condition. From this technology pest and weed can be controlled and work cost is minimized. With the help of solar panel the renewable energy is produced which helps in monitoring the hydroponics plants continuously. All sensor data are gathered from Arduino Microcontroller is stored in Web Server.


Hydroponics IoT Sensors Web Server 


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