Design and Implementation of Greenhouse Monitoring System Using Zigbee Module

  • S. Mani RathinamEmail author
  • V. Chamundeeswari
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 35)


The checking and control of nursery condition assume a vital job in nursery creation and the board. To screen the nursery condition parameters adequately, it is important to plan an estimation and control framework. This paper introduces a control structure of remote sensor organize framework dependent on Zigbee handset for nursery, which comprises of some sensor hubs set in the nursery and an ace hub associated with upper PC in the checking focus. The sensor hubs gather signs of nursery temperature, moistness, and light and soil dampness, control the actuators, and transmit the information through the remote Zigbee handset; the ace hub gets the information through the Zigbee handset and sends the information to the upper PC for continuous observing. To make an ideal situation the fundamental climatic and ecological parameters, for example, temperature, moistness, light force and soil dampness should be controlled. On the off chance that any of the Greenhouse parameters surpasses the edge esteem set by the client, essential control move will make put consequently and furthermore ready will be given to the client through Zigbee. The controlling move will make put with the assistance of fan, water sprayer and so forth. If the Greenhouse parameter falls beneath the edge esteem, the controllers will be killed consequently. Result demonstrates that the framework is reasonable and dependable, and has wide application later on.


Green house Atmega MCU Zigbee Temperature Humidity Soil moisture Light 


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