A Vital Study of Digital Ledger: Future Trends, Pertinent

  • D. AnuradhaEmail author
  • V. Sathiya
  • M. Maheswari
  • K. Soniya
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 35)


Digital Ledger is an innovative technology that has changed the way we work with data. Digital Ledger otherwise popularly known as blockchain enables us to store data in the truest form which avoids the necessity to gather, collect, examine and represent data for various platforms and systems. Blockchain is revolutionizing the digital world with numerous applications breaking out in different fields, predominantly finance. Apart from crypto currency, blockchain has also found its use in healthcare, travel and voting system, to name a few. With the advent of blockchain, several sectors have begun using and experimenting with this technology. The implementation of blockchain in emerging fields of Internet of Things, Cyber Physical Systems, edge computing, social networking, crowd sourcing is being studied and tested. Blockchain has enormous potential to make lasting changes in the world. The purpose of this document is to highlight the need of current technologies, algorithms, platforms which can be made suitable to support the understanding of blockchain. This paper presents a comprehensive overview on blockchain technology. It also presents a brief description about the current and future trends of this revolutionary technology.


Blockchain Digital Ledger Crypto currency Cyber Physical Systems IoT Edge computing Social networking Crowd sourcing 


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