Design and Analysis of Various Patch Antenna for Heart Attack Detection

  • S. B. NivethaEmail author
  • B. Bhuvaneswari
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This articles describes the design of four patch antennas for heart attack detection. The intend method starts with patch antenna. The antenna is premeditated using ADS (advanced design software). Four patch antennas inverted f antenna, inverted L shape antenna, T shape patch antenna and I shape patch antenna were designed. Out of these four patch antenna, the functional characteristics of inverted f and inverted L antenna are good, these two antennas are chosen for monitoring heartrate. The electrical movement of heart is measured by ECG sensor the signal is transmitted via antenna to the smartphones. In proposed design the gain of antenna is increased from −1 to 3 db. The return loss obtained for intended design is very less. The fabricated antenna is deliberate by means of network analyzer. The measured results and simulated results varies due to cable loss. The virtual result of inverted F antenna is 2.4 Ghz. The virtual result of inverted L antenna is 2.41 Ghz. The working frequency of all the four patch antenna is 2.45 Ghz.


Gain Patchantenna Dimension Frequency Radiation pattern Return loss 


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